Snapchat or Picaboo?

Snapchat is a photo and video messaging mobile app. This app is unique because all photos and videos that are sent are viewed between one to ten seconds, and once that time is up the content is permanently deleted. Snapchat gives users the ability to also be creative/imaginative, users can add captions or doodle or even add filters to the photo or video. The app also has Geofilters that add a stamp to the photo or video showing user’s location, Snapchat also has a special lens that can allow users to add special effects to their snapchats.


Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy never would have thought their app would have been this big. Both being students at Stanford University, one being a Product Design major and the other a Math and Computational Science, according to Snapchat-blog.  The app was first launched in September 2011 under the name Picaboo in the Apple AppStore. For Evan and Bobby to get a better sense of how people were using Snapchat and how to better the app, they reached out to some of the users to get feedback. From the feedback they received, which came from mostly high school students they were able to enhance the app. Evan and Bobby did not see Snapchat as just capturing the traditional Kodak moment. It is about communicating with a full range of human emotion and connecting people.


Snapchat had the ability of serval features that were able to bring people closer together in October 2013 they launched the option of having stories. This was a new way for users to share their day with their friends or the world. Snapchat stories add snaps together to create a narrative that will last up to 24 hours before it disappears. The users story always plays forward, because the snaps go in order as you experienced them. Another highlight of the story feature is the ability to see who viewed your story.



Snapchat stories had the ability to create a narrative, but when “Live” feature was introduced, users were able to have their story viewed by millions even if they were on the other side of the global. The format is a mixture of snaps, that are submitted by users and picked by the Snapchat staff. There is a mix of photos and videos giving it a camera version of live tweeting, according P. Clarie Dodson. Within the Live story feature there is a little bit of every social media platform tied in. Live stories can run from a number of topics, for example Snapchat did a Passport series, giving spotlight to a different city or country each day with images or videos. The photos and videos would cover any and everything to national foods or just a interesting aspect of the city or country itself. By Snapchat introducing the Live feature they were able to open a whole new audience and connect people on a global level.


The app also as other key features like Chat, with chat users are able to text through the app. It is a form of instant messaging, rather than just sending photos and videos they are now able to text within the app. They even enhanced the feature by making it visual, meaning users were able to also make video calls. So it was more than just sending photos and videos here there now users had the ability to text and make outgoing video calls.


January 2015 Snapchat Discover was born, Snapchat always celebrated the way users see the world. It was exciting to see different perspectives through snap stories. Snapchat Discover is a new way to explore stories but from editorial teams, such as The Daily News.  Discover is different because it has been built to give people a new way to receive information.  Snapchat does not like to consider the Discover as Social Media because it was built for creatives and has a story that has a beginning, middle and end.



Snapchat was a new platform for Social Media, it was able to do multiple things in one app and still be a success story. It was different in many key aspects setting it aside from other apps and making it an exciting app to use. Having the ability to see what another person is doing on the other side of the world makes the global feel much smaller. Also bringing attention to different cultures and helping spread culture awareness. Snapchat was able to do that and still continues to do that through it key features. By having features like Live and Discover is opens the user to being more aware of other cultures in the world.







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